As well as the designs that we present in our portfolio there are many more great concepts that remain in a lonely folder in our archives. Here is a logo we created as part of an unsuccessful creative pitch to update the World Pipe Band Championships logo.

  • MORE COLOUR to better illustrate colourful nature of event and range of nations – and an increased family feel
  • VARIATION ON GLOBE THEME to provide more eye catching icon and allow for use of more colour
  • USE NEW TYPEFACES but in similar layout as previous logo to help maintain established brand recognition
  • FURTHER STYLISING OF LOGO AND PIPES ILLUSTRATION to create a stronger festival/celebratory image
  • SIMPLIFICATION OF PIPES ILLUSTRATION to gain clarity for use on screen and at small print sizes
  • POSTER: USE LOGO AGAINST DARK BACKGROUND for maximum visual impact
  • GLOBE ICON utilised as the main focus and provides a strong frame for photos and colours
  • MULTIPLE IMAGES can be used in the globe to cover all the different elements of the event
  • SIMPLE BUT FLEXIBLE overall design provides a good base for producing other items